Celebrities Who Love French Bulldogs

by Morgan Sliff

Frenchies are hard to resist. Their big ears and darling faces entwined with spazzy personalities make them the perfect sidekick for any home.

It turns out that Frenchies can’t breed on their own, which is one of the reasons why they cost so much. But the price factor isn’t a problem for celebs, who are stepping into the French Bulldog craze en masse.

These top-shelf doggos happen to be the number one breed owned by celebrities. Here are a few of our favorite celebs who've made Frenchies a part of their family.


celebs who love frenchies

Lady Gaga

Often making appearances on Gaga’s social media hubs are her three French Bulldogs—Asia, Koji, and Gustavo. Asia even has her own Instagram account with over 230K followers.


celebs who love frenchies

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

While his two French bulldogs look like ants next to him, Dwayne Johnson is madly in love with his Frenchies. He unfortunately had to put Brutus (left) down a few years ago after he ate a toxic mushroom, but he still has Hobbs (right).




Madonna bought herself a little gem named Gypsy Rosa for her 57th birthday. She called the pup the “best birthday present ever.”


celebs who love frenchies

Michael Phelps

Champion swimmer Michael Phelps inherited Juno and Legend when he married his wife, Nicole. They’re now best friends with the swimmer and big brother and sister to Boomer Phelps, Michael’s tiniest and latest (human) addition.

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