Top 5 French Bulldog Instagrams

by Morgan Sliff

One of the best attributes of social media is the mile-long list of accounts solely dedicated to French Bulldogs. We know you can’t get enough of the smiley, snorty, slobbery, awkward pup that is a Frenchie, so we have a serious Frenchie fix for you. Prepare for a social media explosion of French bulldogs you need to follow right this moment on Instagram.


best frenchie instagrams

The French Brigade


Not one. Or two. Six Frenchies can be found on this hilarious insty. While a rather swole owner rolls along a southern California strand on a questionably long skateboard, his adorable Frenchies run alongside in trios to get their exercise.


best frenchie instagrams



There’s not much dangerous about doggie Danger, but his sass is in full effect. Danger is quite the character, and his vivacious spirit comes flooding out in hilarious captions and effortless poses.


best frenchie instagrams



The definition of puppy-dog-eyes is Oscar. This little fashionista was raised in NYC but is currently being walked in London. He loves to dress up and is not only a fully-fledged Frenchie model—he’s legit famous. From the Today Show to Ellen, Oscar has made many rounds of Frenchie stardom.


best frenchie instagrams



If Frenchies could wear red robes, drink scotch, and snooze on barca loungers, Greyson would certainly be first in line. This dapper dog is an obvious gent, and he’s a scream to follow on social. According to his profile, he is into SoCal and baes.


best frenchie instagrams

Miss Winnie


Much like us, this little lady is all about the outerwear. Cozy sweaters, neck warmers, hats—you name it, she’s worn it. Winnie is a diva to the max.

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