Our story

It’s not really about 
the french bulldogs

Lets face it; We LOVE French Bulldogs and even though our goods focuses on French Bulldogs Le Fralla is more so about what our furry friends represent. Just like a French Bulldog we believe in spreading the joy of life, in making people happy. We also believe in having a stubborn attitude towards life. Because as any frenchie owner knows; if you are stubborn enough you will get the things you want in life. And like any dog for that matter, we try not to overcomplicate things.


Why it matters

For some time, French bulldogs have been bred for their appearance. However, this has affected their health somewhat enormously. Among the problems are breathing difficulties and joint problems such as patellaluxation. As the popularity of the breed increases, we see more cases of breeding on unhealthy dogs and an increased dog smuggling for these. We at Le Fralla want to change that. That's why we donate 10% of our profit to The French Bulldog Rescue.

How it all began

I've always had animals surrounding me. If not dogs it was fishes, if not fishes it was horses. So growing up I longed for an animal companion. When I finally decided to get myself one I realized, it had to be a french bulldog. I mean, they have the exact same personality traits as myself (stubborn, clown-like, happy and so on). Eventually, I started my research, I absorbed everything I could find on these little creatures. Finally, I found him, Bosse. Or should I say he found me? The very first thing he did was to climb up on my lap and take a nap. As I was looking for pet supplies just before I got him I saw the lack of quality goods out there. There were these cheap plastic bowls with all the dog clichés you could think of printed on them. Bones, paws, you name it. For someone who hasn't owned a dog, this wasn't very pleasing. And sure, they're mostly made that way for the dogs' to like, to chew on and what not. But anyway, that made me think. How about something that makes us humans tick? How about doing something that is inspired by our best friend and that we can wear and be proud of? Whether you own a french bulldog or not. And that is where Le Fralla came to life.

Oscar, Founder


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